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The Sentinel.

Ninth in the thriller series - a psychological crime mystery.

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Sentinel 4



“Because I so enjoyed the previous one – No Safe Place - I was keen to read this, and it fulfilled all expectations. Plenty of twists right to the end. Extremely readable, couldn't put it down. Great characters and well written. Can’t wait for next instalment.”

Alyson Gordon, Glasgow, 2021


“Gripping plot, great characters, plenty of tension all the way through and an unexpected double twist. The ending took me by complete surprise - as thought-provoking as any book of this genre that I've ever come across! I couldn’t put this one down but it’s pretty intensive reading so it did take me two days to complete but worth every moment.” Nicola Flynn, Belfast, 2021


A good series  


"Because I so enjoyed the previous ones in the series I was keen to read this, and it fulfilled all expectations. Plenty of twists right to the end. Can’t wait for next instalment! Would recommend to anyone." Nick Cornish, Leeds, 2021


"Thoroughly enjoyed the plot and the characters as in previous books in this series. Loathe to put it down. A page turner that gripped to the end." Rachel Clark, Sheffield, 2021


"A really good read! I was reluctant to put the book down and wanted to keep reading till the end. I'll certainly be buying more in this series. Highly recommended." Maeve Maguire, Cork, 2021




"This was a true edge-of-the-seat read for me, without any unnecessary gore but with all the essential suspense and gripping twists." Gemma Willliams, Cardiff, 2021


"A good rounded thriller that kept me hooked. A nice surprise and double twist at the end which is always the hallmark of a good novel. This book, like so many others, didn't fizzle out and limp on to the conclusion but blasted its way there. Even in the closing pages there are revelations that add up to a good plotline and gripping story." Alex Richards, Manchester, 2021


"The characters are nicely fleshed out and the Cumbrian setting makes it easy to imagine the various places (having lived there myself for several years).  So then, in conclusion, a terrific read, gripping, twisty and totally satisfying. Gets my vote!"

Angie MacDonald, Aberdeen, 2021

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Nora  Johnson



EWN Summer 2021

                                                                                  Deadly Secrets


Praised for her success in an earlier case, DI Barbara Forster is suddenly accused of tampering with evidence in the original case. As the man wrongfully convicted ten years earlier goes free, a young woman goes missing. Meanwhile, Barbara is suspended and the media smell blood. Assisted only by Alice Myers, an investigative journalist, is there any line Barbara won’t cross to get her old job back?


The tension builds up with inexorable detail to an astonishing climax in this compulsively readable, action-packed thriller filled with twists and turns, intrigue and danger, where suspense is ratcheted up cruelly right until the final pages.


The Sentinel has you hooked from the very first chapter with its realistic characters, can’t-put-it-down pacing and gripping plot. Highly recommended for anyone who likes mystery/crime/psychological thrillers.





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