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Nora  Johnson

Betrayal back cover

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Betrayal Cover (rev)

Seventh in the thriller series - a psychological crime mystery.

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EWN April 2019


                                                                                        Deadly secrets


After fifteen years in Canada, successful businessman Nick Lawrence returns to the village where he grew up and was acquitted of a gruesome murder. But he is confronted with all the people of a past life who can’t and won’t forgive him – including his own family. His return stirs up old memories and new hostilities, reopening old wounds, dredging up long forgotten secrets.


But his girlfriend’s murder is only the first in several apparently unconnected crimes. Detective Inspector Barbara Forster, heading the cold case investigation, pursues a treacherous path in this action-packed thriller filled with twists and turns, intrigue and danger, about a young man trying to unravel the mystery of a family tragedy - a quest with an unexpected and shocking revelation. Highly recommended for anyone who likes mystery/crime/psychological thrillers




"A superbly plotted thriller with an astonishing but totally satisfying climax.  An atmosphere of taut menace, the suspense is increased by the sense of betrayal and revenge lurking in the background." Maggie Roberts, London, 2019


"I was gripped by the mood of terror and suspense before the final shocking climax. The result is a superior psychological crime thriller." Mary Ryan, Dublin, 2019


"Reading a novel by this author offers excellent insights into police procedures and this is no exception. The climactic scene is, as usual, terrifying in a fast-moving, suspenseful and absorbing thriller." Highly recommended. Stevie Campbell, Glasgow, 2019




"The fast-paced, compelling narrative, interesting characters and taut, ambitious plotting make this a hard novel to put down and I look forward to the next in the series." Nick Bailey, Manchester, 2019


"I found it absolutely impossible to put down. It was so gripping that I found myself holding my breath at times. I was torn between reading as fast as I could so I knew what happened and slowing down to enjoy this fast-paced thriller more. Totally absorbing and a great read." Stevie Maddox, Aberystwyth, 2019


"The style of writing and the fast pace of the novel had me gripped. It is certainly one of the best novels that I have read for a long time. I read it so quickly because I was desperate to find out how it ended. I am looking forward to re-reading the book at a slower pace next time around!" Rachel Wallis, Bristol, 2019


Twists & Turns


"The reader is kept guessing until the very end - the superb final double twist I never saw coming! - in a book which I found difficult to put down and read in a couple of days. For readers who enjoyed the previous books in the series I can unreservedly recommend this novel as their equal." Michelle Hayes, Chester, 2019


"A fast paced thriller, full of action and a very fun read! Full of twists and turns. Gripping right to the end. Already looking forward to the next one!" Debra Stott, Edinburgh, 2019


"This has a complex plot, great characters (good guys and bad), enough twists and turns to make me dizzy, and a satisfying ending. What more could you want?" Nicola Harris, Liverpool, 2019 




For more on Betrayal and photographs of the places depicted in it, click here for background, inspiration and actual locations allowing you to 'live' the drama as experienced by Alice and 'seen' through her eyes ...

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