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Sixth in the thriller series featuring investigative journalist Alice Myers - a psychological crime mystery.

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Girl Woods Cover (back)

Great series      


"Because I had so enjoyed the earlier novels in the series I was anxious to read this, and it fulfilled all expectations. Very well written and kept me guessing all the way through. Have already lent it to a friend."  Jill Avery, Hull, 2018


"This is more than just a thriller, but a novel that delves deep into parts of the mind where most authors are far too frightened to venture. Utterly riveting. Two thumbs up!" Alex Reed, Bristol, 2018


"The compelling narrative, interesting characters and taut, ambitious plotting make this a hard novel to put down and I look forward to the next instalment."  Andy Ross, Aberdeen, 2018


Twists and turns


"This was a true edge-of-the-seat read for me, without any unnecessary gore (well - a tiny bit that I managed to skim over!) but with all the essential suspense and twists."  Nicole Edwards, Aberystwyth, 2018 


"A good rounded thriller that kept me hooked. A nice surprise and triple twist at the end which is always the hallmark of a good novel. This book, unlike so many others, didn't fizzle out and limp on to the conclusion but blasted its way there! Even in the closing pages there are revelations that add up to a good plotline and engrossing story."  Nick Cornish, Leeds, 2018 


"The characters are nicely fleshed out and the Derbyshire setting makes it easy to imagine the various places (having lived there myself for several years).  So then, in conclusion, a terrific summer read, gripping, twisty and totally satisfying. Gets my vote!"  

Anna Gordon, Edinburgh, 2018




"This is a dark and disturbing thriller. Often one is tempted to take the blurb description of books as "unputdownable" as hype, but this really did live up to expectations. Read it in 36 hours which is very fast for me! Very well written and great characterisation. Recommended for those who enjoy suspense and tension."   Sam Richards, Manchester, 2018


"This book was great. I started reading it on the train into work on Monday morning and by Wednesday I had finished it. It grabbed me and didn’t let go. I read it at every opportunity and have now recommended it to all my friends. Read it, you'll be amazed how quickly you become absorbed."  Debra Murchison, London, 2018


"Read it in two days until my eyes ached, couldn’t wait to finish but also felt quite sad when I had as I just wanted it to go on and on. Can’t now wait to read all the other books in the series. Really enjoyable, thrilling, exciting, scary, sexy, all those things rolled up into one great novel."  Erin Kelly, Cork, 2018


The latest in the psychological crime thriller series featuring investigative journalist Alice Myers, The Girl in the Woods depicts the unimaginable pressures faced by the Walker family when their 17-year-old daughter goes missing after a night out. As the hours pass and the police inquiry builds, it explores every parent’s worst nightmare.


A teenager vanishes in woodland. Parents torn apart by secrets, guilt and jealousy. Barbara Forster, the complex DI heading the enquiry, faces a race against time, following a treacherous path that leads all the way to a dark and explosive climax.


An action-packed thriller on several levels, the stories unfold through the central plot adding an unexpected triple twist at the end. Tense and gripping throughout, The Girl in the Woods is highly recommended for anyone who likes mystery/crime/psychological thrillers.





For more on The Girl in the Woods and photographs of the places depicted in it, click here for background, inspiration and actual locations allowing you to 'live' the drama as experienced by Alice and 'seen' through her eyes ...


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Nora  Johnson

The Girl in the Woods





EWN August 2018


Deadly Secrets


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