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Second in the thriller series featuring investigative journalist Alice Myers - a psychological crime mystery.

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Retrib back

In Retribution - the latest in the journalist Alice Myers (from Soul Stealer) series of psychological crime thrillers - Alice investigates the sudden, unexpected death of her closest childhood friend, Ellie, in an isolated, close-knit community.


But it is only when Alice and DI Neil Hunter join forces that the truth starts to emerge about the community’s harrowing past and present. As Alice peels back the layers of deception surrounding this and subsequent  murders, nobody is above suspicion.


An intricately-plotted thriller drawing you in to turn the pages faster and faster and in which the mystery unfolds layer by layer, the author juggles motives and suspects, tension and suspense, keeping you guessing right until the surprise ending …


A pacy and edgy thriller with unexpected twists and turns and excellently drawn characters, Retribution is a very satisfying read. Next in the Alice Myers crime series and the best yet!

Fast moving, unpredictable crime thriller set in UK  


“I won’t comment on the story-line as this can spoil it for others except to say it has as many twists, turns, red herrings and potential suspects as any crime fan could wish for while remaining absolutely credible. The eventual  outcome is entirely unexpected but also extremely plausible leaving me at least thinking, “Why didn’t I spot that?”


The cast of characters is also interesting. They seem like real people, with real lives which engage the reader, especially Alice. You actually feel you get to know her, that you’re ‘in the story’. I’ve never been to the New Forest, but from the way everything is depicted you feel you are there as you read the book. So, great to be able to visualise the locations and to recognise in the characters real traits, strengths and weaknesses.


A fast-paced plot then that had me completely hooked and turning the pages until the end. Have since lent this on to two other people who were equally gripped.”  Sharon Richards, Leeds, 2013    



Taut, gripping with non-stop suspense and breakneck action


“Because I had so enjoyed the first one – Soul Stealer - I was anxious to read this and it fulfilled all expectations. Very well written with interesting characters, a great sense of place and lots of twists, turns and shocks, it kept me guessing right till the surprise ending. Have already lent it to a friend so, in conclusion, a terrific vacation read, unputdownable and totally satisfying. Gets my vote!”   Kerry Rogers, Florida, 2013



Great plot, great characters, great action


“The story develops at a rattling pace, with believable discoveries along the way and not a few surprises. I finished it in relatively few sittings - always a good sign. A great thriller then that kept me gripped and was very exciting - I can't wait to read the next! Very highly recommended.”  Carol Lavis, Bristol, 2013



“A thoroughly interesting book, full of fascinating characters that pulled me through the story from start to finish - a book read really quickly because it was such a pleasure. Plenty of twists right to the end. The conclusion too is well thought out, and definitely had the "oh, my goodness" factor. Definitely one of those books I’ll be passing on to friends.”

Jenny Harris, New Jersey, 2013


“The compelling narrative, believable characters and brilliant plotting make this a hard novel to put down and I’m already looking forward to the next instalment!”  Chris Matthews, Manchester, 2013


“For those readers, like me, who love murder mysteries with a psychological twist, then this is for them! A great plotline with many unexpected twists and turns that’s extremely well written. In brief, a gripping read with lots of tension and surprises along the way. Ideal for the plane, beach or garden for an absorbing summer read. Would recommend to anyone.”

Debra Riley, Texas, 2013


For more on Retribution and photographs of the places depicted in it, click here for background, inspiration and actual locations allowing you to 'live' the drama as experienced by Alice and 'seen' through her eyes ...


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Nora  Johnson




 EWN April 2013


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