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Eighth in the thriller series - a psychological crime mystery.

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No Safe Place 1
No Safe Place 2

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No Safe Place






EWN April 2020


                                                                                    Mirror Image


Returning to Cumbria, DI Barbara Forster discovers her goddaughter has vanished in a case mirroring that of her teenage friend 10 years earlier.


Barbara risks her life searching for the truth and justice for the victims confronting a famous movie actor - a quest with unexpected and shocking revelations.


The tension builds up with inexorable detail to an astonishing climax in this compulsively readable, action-packed thriller filled with twists and turns, intrigue and danger, where suspense is ratcheted up cruelly right until the final pages.


Murder and mystery, drugs and sex, celebrity and secrecy, all unfolding against a background of small-town ambitions and big-time egos.


No Safe Place has you hooked from the very first chapter with its realistic characters, can’t-put-it-down pacing and gripping plot. Highly recommended for anyone who likes mystery/crime/psychological thrillers.





Thriller with Twists and Turns  


"It starts with a bang and builds from there, with a plot that twists and turns like the snakes in Medusa's hair and never lets up. Totally absorbing and a great read." Jill Wright, Bristol, 2020


"An addictive roller-coaster of a thrill ride with lots of twists and turns." Melanie Roberts, Cardiff, 2020


"A typically twisty read with a proven, time-honoured shock ending. Already looking forward to the next one!"

Julie McDermott, Aberdeen, 2020




"This intense multi-layered thriller hits the bull’s eye again with a gripping story and totally satisfying climax. The tension is cleverly ramped up by the sense of betrayal and revenge lurking in the background." Graham Driscoll, Dublin, 2020


"Immensely readable, totally compelling and absolutely gripping. The author seamlessly interweaves a heartbreaking human drama with a tense and exciting thriller of detection." Kim Maynard, Manchester, 2020


"Totally absorbing thriller, this book had me hooked from the first page, keeping me reading at all hours wanting to know what was going to happen next.  A white knuckle action ride with an unexpected ending. The climactic scene is, as usual, terrifying in a fast-moving, suspenseful and absorbing thriller. Highly recommended." Alex Clifford, London, 2020




"A teeth-rattling, fast-paced ride with interesting, realistic characters and taut, ambitious plotting make this a hard novel to put down and I’m already looking forward to the next in the series." Steve Whittock, Leeds, 2020


"Lots of surprises and dark moments in this fast-paced, punchy thriller with a completely unexpected double twist. And a plot strong and intriguing enough to make the bath go cold around you. Thrilling and twisty, it never lets up." Maggie McDonagh, Glasgow, 2020


"Skilfully constructed, fast frenetic action and truly unputdownable, the plot’s many planted bombs explode totally unpredictably in this addictive thriller." Carrie Jones, Birmingham, 2020

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