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Soul Stealer

First in the thriller series featuring investigative journalist Alice Myers - a psychological crime mystery.

  Available in paperback, ebook, audiobook and Apple Books

Soul back



EWN October 2011

7th July 2005: a man disappears, believed dead, in the London bombings. Years later, a freelance journalist recognizes his photograph in a newspaper - the man she has just seen in a café.


Immediately Alice is pitched into a breathless race against time that takes her from London, across Britain and into the heart of a mystery - the reason for his disappearance on that fateful day.


Spurred on by her unwavering belief he is innocent of an unsolved murder on the eve of the bombings, she begins to question the official version of events and the motivation of those also seeking him. Then other developments overshadow her search for the truth which becomes a frantic struggle for her own survival.


For Inspector Jim Rodgers, this had been his final, most agonising case: a murder with no murderer, an inquiry ending in dead-lock and unfinished business, the aftermath haunting him still.


The tragedy begins on 7th July 2005. But it does not stop there. Fate catches up with everyone in the end …


Soul Stealer is a complex psychological thriller packed with suspense that is heightened by shadows of betrayal and revenge, an atmosphere of taut menace and a meticulously intelligent, convoluted plot that twists and turns… right until the surprise ending. Its themes deal not only with the nature of identity theft but also violence, death and obsessive delusional behaviour.


This well-written, relentlessly enjoyable page-turner delivers all the emotional drama, unforgettable characters, tension and can’t-put-it-down pacing you expect from a superior psychological suspense thriller.



First in the series and a page turner


"Like the style of writing and think the twists in the story excellent. Always left wanting more, and looking forward to the next one."    Lizzie Bell, Birmingham, 2011


"A pacey and edgy thriller with excellently drawn characters and a complex plot that made me turn the pages faster and faster....really satisfying read."  Mel Hodgson, Dublin, 2012


"Very good; kept my interest; couldn't put it down and already looking forward to more in this series. The twists and turns kept me guessing almost to the last page, where there were still surprises!"    Michelle Carswell, London, 2012



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For more on Soul Stealer and photographs of the places depicted in it, click here for background, inspiration and actual locations allowing you to 'live' the drama as experienced by Alice and 'seen' through her eyes ...

Nora  Johnson

Convincing psychological suspense thriller  


“I had high hopes for this book as soon as I read the first paragraph! ‘Soul Stealer’ and its predecessor,‘The De Clerambault Code’, are a bit different as they aren’t just well-written psychological suspense thrillers, but also convincing, atmospheric stories about people's lives.‘The De Clerambault Code’ draws you into the dark, enigmatic world of suffocating, obsessive love and keeps you there while you watch the victim, Laura, fall slowly under Sean’s influence. Unable to see the danger until it’s too late, she frantically tries to escape, knowing that if she doesn't, she’ll lose her mind; if she does, her life.  


In ‘Soul Stealer’, free-lance journalist Alice recognizes a man assumed dead in the 7th July 2005 London bombings suspected of an unsolved murder. Her frightening, life-threatening search for the truth behind his disappearance is just as skilfully plotted and written. These characters aren't over the top psychos, they're flawed, damaged people that it's hard not to identify with, whatever they've done. Sean in ‘The De Clerambault Code’ is a compelling character- any woman who’s had a relationship with a man like him will recognize the tell tale signs of obsession – and Mark, too, in ‘Soul Stealer’ is just as charismatic. Any woman will equally be able to identify with Alice, understanding why she would give herself so totally to him.


Without spoiling the plot of “Soul Stealer”, suffice to say it’s gripping right until the final pages -unlike so many modern thrillers with their male-oriented plots which can become cliched and stale. For readers who liked 'The De Clerambault Code' I can fully recommend this novel.”    Matt Gibney, Manchester, 18 Sept 2011



Complex thriller with twists and turns


“An absorbing read, the characters are such that you care about them and there are some excellent plot twists towards the end: one of which I foresaw -the others had me totally by surprise.


In brief, complicated, twisty and rewarding- the perfect recipe for a thriller – the book derives its strength from a first-person female narrative, which ratchets up the tension and leads to immediate identification with the main character.We are with her all the way along her lonely and mostly frustrating search for the truth and just when we feel all is lost …! Well buy it and enjoy the ending as much as I did.”     Mike Ross, Aberdeen, October 2011  



This has it all: suspense, murder, mystery and a satisfying ending!      


“This is the first book I’ve read in the series and I did so on the recommendations of other readers. My daughter wasn't well last week and since I was at home all day with her I picked this up in the morning and started reading. Within 30 minutes I was hooked and wanted to keep reading to find out what happened so carried on as much as I could and finally finished it by lunchtime the following day!  It’s brilliantly structured and plotted, and the heroine, Alice, is a compelling, flawed, sympathetic and well-drawn character who really draws us into her mind so that we identify with her totally. The setting is convincingly brought to life as is the feeling of fear, of the ground constantly shifting. There’s an unexpected twist and a great final section which made me realise how many books have disappointing endings.


You are taken into the elusive, nebulous world of identity theft, betrayal and revenge that’s so chillingly plausible you can actually imagine it happening to you, or someone you know. The characters and atmosphere too linger in your mind long after you've finished reading. Even at the end of the book after all that…  (but I don’t want to spoil the ending for new readers!)


Easily the best read in ages. As I said, great ending too. Highly recommended for both male and female readers. I passed it on to one friend and still haven’t had it back!”   Chris Reynolds, Southampton, October 2011

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