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The Girl in the Red Dress

Fifth in the thriller series featuring investigative journalist Alice Myers - a psychological crime mystery.

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Red Dress - Front Cover
Red Dress - Rear Cover

A good series  


"Because I so enjoyed the previous ones in the series I was keen to read this, and it fulfilled all expectations. Plenty of twists right to the end. Can’t wait for next instalment after the cliff hanger! Would recommend to anyone." Chris Goodwin, Manchester, 2017


"Thoroughly enjoyed the plot and the characters as in previous books in this series. Loathe to put it down. A page turner that gripped to the end." Beth Harrison, Bristol, 2017


"A really good read! I was reluctant to put the book down and wanted to keep reading till the end. I'll certainly be buying more in this series. Highly recommended."  Stevie Williams, Cardiff, 2017


Gripping read with twists and turns


"Enjoyed this fast paced story very much, hard to put down, plenty of twists and turns to keep you glued to your seat."

Alex Watters, Leeds, 2017


"Really enjoyed this book, couldn't put it down. Lots of twists and turns and the ending was totally unexpected. Would recommend to anyone." Jill Nesbitt, Belfast, 2017


"One of the few books I absolutely didn't want to flick to the end and read the last page first! Absolutely brilliant, shock and surprise at end. Not what you thought and very well written. Great story-telling, lots of suspense, twists and turns. A must read."

Natalie Wright, Plymouth, 2017


Real page turner


"An action-packed plot on several levels. The stories unfold through the main story adding an unexpected twist at the end. A real page turner. I will definitely read more books by this author." Colleen Robinson, Dublin, 2017


"Great read. Kept me reading till I was finished. The final ending is a complete surprise and very unexpected. I could not put it down but it’s pretty intensive reading so it did take me two days to complete but worth every moment." Mel Watson, Southampton, 2017


"I loved this book from the very first page. Edge of my seat stuff with an unexpected ending. Fast paced, engrossing story and I never did work out who did it ahead of time!" Rachel Bryant, London, 2017      



For more on The Girl in the Red Dress and photographs of the places depicted in it, click here for background, inspiration and actual locations allowing you to 'live' the drama as experienced by Alice and 'seen' through her eyes ...


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EWN August 2017


The young daughter of a local doctor is cold-bloodedly left to die in an icy river. Her parents stubbornly deny any involvement. Do they want the truth uncovered or ensure it remains buried?


Then, within days, a boy is also murdered in one of the Peak District’s bleakest cases ever when a blizzard traps the murder suspects in a small, isolated village.


But it is investigative journalist Alice Myers who risks her life going undercover to search for the truth and justice for the victims confronting, amongst others, a famous TV celebrity. And once she finds a thread to pull, a ruthless international conspiracy with a callous disregard for human life start unravelling.


An intricately-plotted, pacy and edgy thriller that has you hooked from the first chapter with its realistic characters, unexpected twists and turns and gripping storyline, the author juggles motives and suspects, tension and suspense, keeping you guessing in a race against time right until the shocking ending. Latest in the popular Alice Myers psychological crime thriller series and the best yet!

Nora  Johnson

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