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The Couple across the Street

Nora Johnson’s latest thriller in the series - a psychological crime mystery.

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EWN Summer 2023

                                                                                  Secrets and Lies


Newly widowed, Nicola unexpectedly meets up with Matt, her childhood love. They have an affair – but just as he decides to leave his wife Michelle, Michelle suddenly disappears. When a body is then identified as hers, apparently a suicide, Matt’s infidelity is considered the primary reason by her grieving family. With more deaths and the evidence mounting against him, can Nicola really trust him? DI Barbara Forster seeks answers and help from Alice Myers, investigative journalist and creator of an edgy true-crime podcast, The Girl at the Window.

Unleashing an inexorable chain of events leading from a young woman’s disappearance and apparent suicide to the deaths of key witnesses, this intricately-plotted crime thriller depicts a race against time right until the shocking ending.


‘A completely gripping and unputdownable psychological suspense thriller that will have you turning the pages long into the night and make you question what secrets your own neighbours are hiding ...’



‘With twists coming as fast as you can turn the pages, this book had me gripped from start to finish - a five star read for me.’ Rose Bryant, Newport, 2023


‘I was hooked from the very start! I read this late into the night, unable to put it down, needing to find out what happened next. The ending was completely unexpected!’ Alex Ross, Aberdeen, 2023


A really good book that held my attention all the way through. It’s my first by this author and definitely not my last!’ Sam Smith, Leeds, 2023




‘It was like an out of control rollercoaster. So many twists and turns. Great read.’ Jenny Gibson, Cardiff, 2023


‘I couldn't stop reading - full of twists and turns. I was hooked all the way through from the very first page to the last - hugely addictive.’ Mel Roberts, Newcastle, 2023

‘Gets you right from the very first page - twists and turns that keep you reading at a fast pace and the sinister plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. You believe you’ve got it all figured out and then you’re hit with new twists...’ Mary Ryan, Dublin, 2023


Page turner


‘Perfect page-turner, keeps you on the edge of your seat. Love the twists and turns, keep you guessing.’ Les Barratt, Manchester, 2023


‘I loved the story, the drama and the secrets. I couldn't guess the ending or who the true bad guy was. The last part of the novel had me completely hooked - I couldn't put it down.’ Amy McDermott, Aberdeen, 2023

‘The phrase “page-turner” gets used too much, but THIS was a true PAGE-TURNER. I read it in one sitting.’ Colleen Robinson, Galway, 2023




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