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Death in Windermere

Tenth in the thriller series - a psychological crime mystery.

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EWN Summer 2022

                                                                                  Grave Secrets


DI Barbara Forster is investigating a chilling cold case but what at first seems an isolated child’s death soon becomes a conspiracy of secrets and lies. Within days, three young women are found dead in suspicious circumstances leaving behind suicide notes and Barbara finds herself caught up in one of the darkest, most harrowing cases of her career.


But it is investigative journalist Alice Myers who risks her life going undercover to search for the truth and justice for the victims confronting, amongst others, a famous TV soap opera star.


The tension builds up with inexorable detail to an astonishing climax in this compulsively readable, action-packed thriller filled with twists and turns, intrigue and danger, where suspense is ratcheted up cruelly right until the final pages.


Latest in the popular DI Barbara Forster and Alice Myers psychological crime thriller series and the best yet!


I read it all in one go   


“Every chapter closes on a tense cliffhanger, so best keep this thriller for a rainy day and read it in one sitting. I'll certainly be buying more in the series. Highly recommended.” Mary Donovan, Galway, 2022


“A plot strong enough to make the bath water go cold around you! All in all, an excellent series of well crafted psychological crime thrillers. Would recommend to anyone.” Mike Salter, Birmingham, 2022


Thriller with twists and turns


“Twists that you don’t see coming and writing that’s not only exciting but also thought-provoking. A true edge-of-the-seat, gripping read for me.” Jenna Davies, Newport, 2022


“If you love multiple twists in a thriller, look no further. Just as it seems an explanation is within reach, the reader is hammered with another, even more shocking surprise. Even in the closing pages there are revelations that add up to a good plotline and gripping story.” Debra Barratt, Newcastle, 2022


“One of the few books I absolutely didn't want to flick to the end and read the last page first! Absolutely brilliant, shock and surprise at end. Not what you thought and very well written. Great story-telling, lots of suspense, twists and turns. A must read!”

Alex Burns, Glasgow, 2022


“An atmospheric, tense and constantly twisting spine-tingling novel exposing the frail balance between order and chaos in our lives. A page turner that gripped to the end.” Alyson Wright, Southampton, 2022




“A rollercoaster ride, full of twists and turns, that keep you guessing till the end of this taut and action-packed thriller. I couldn’t put it down - it’s pretty intensive reading and took me two days to complete but worth every single moment.” Mel Stevens, Liverpool, 2022


“Skilfully constructed, difficult to put down, great plotting, heart-grabbing action and characters to die for! Can’t wait for next instalment.” Nicola Andrews, Aberdeen, 2022


“I loved this book from the very first page. Edge of my seat stuff with an unexpected ending. Fast paced, engrossing story and I never did work out who did it ahead of time!” Karen Price, Aberystwyth, 2022




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